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What is OxTech Fest?

OxTech Fest is a two-day virtual festival celebrating technology in Oxfordshire, sharing tech in a more accessible way and developing the industry community in the county.


With an exciting line-up of speakers, live panel events, interactive workshops, webinars and a host of competitions and prizes to give away this is a festival not to be missed!

Throughout the festival we will also be highlighting job opportunities, internships, and other placements to assist students and individuals focussed on re-skilling in digital.

Day 1

Day 1 focuses on giving young people an opportunity to find out more about tech, hear about alternative ways to build a career in the digital landscape, and explore ways in which technology is integrated into so many other career paths. Ultimately, demonstrating how extensive the industry is.

Day 2

Day 2 is about giving tech businesses a platform to network, highlighting tech for good initiatives across Oxfordshire, and forging lasting relationships within the tech ecosystem. Integrated with educational workshops, inspirational speakers and navigating the world of hybrid working, OxTech Fest is a brilliant opportunity to learn and develop at every stage of business.

Virtual Event

7 - 8 September 2021

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OxTech Fest is a free tech festival on September 7th-8th 2021 - secure your place now!

Powered by the Institute for Ethical AI

The Institute for Ethical AI seeks to help organisations develop ethical and trustworthy intelligent software solutions for their business challenges. We test, validate and verify AI systems to ensure that they are fit for purpose and we help organisations use and interpret their data wisely and ethically.

In our experience, simple improvements in data analysis can lead to substantial profit increments. We have a large team of subject specialists who understand your sector and can provide expert advice on how to gain maximum value from your data.

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Join @brookesENTSUPP at @OxtechF 2021 with a fantastic lineup including Kyle Grant-Founder of @oxwash Taylor Campbell-Tech Lead of @Orthorsofficial and more! Kick start your Tech career or advance it to the next stage! Free tickets here: http://www.oxtechfest.com

The Future of the Gaming Industry - an exciting panel about how creative arts and high tech are combining to make some of the most innovative content in one of the biggest industries in the world.

OxTech Fest is only a few weeks away and we have so much to share with you - over 30 industry professionals speaking over 20 panels, all over just two days!

Click here to book your free ticket: http://www.oxtechfest.com/tickets/

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