Conference Digital Economy 23-26 July 2017 with over 100 sessions - San Fancisco, CA

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Digital Economy Conference 2017

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    Fort Mason Center
    San Fancisco, CA


    Sunday to Wednesday
    July 23 to 26, 2017

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    • Day 1

      September 7th, 2021

    • Day 2

      September 8th, 2021

    • Introductory address by Caroline Dineage MP, Minister of State for Digital and Culture, talking about tech talent in Oxfordshire.

    • An open discussion on the tech talent pipeline in Oxfordshire - How is it looking? What needs to be done to increase the pipeline? What can companies or individuals looking to get into the sector do?

    • Immersive technologies are being used throughout a number of industries. These technologies include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. This panel will highlight some of the varied use cases in commerce, gaming and mental health.

    • A highlight of early-stage tech businesses in Oxfordshire - talking about opportunities in Oxfordshire and their experiences starting up in the region. Hear about the highlights of the 2021 Catalyst Tech Accelerator Cohort.

    • Hopin Booths and Virtual Networking

    • The importance of computing, technology, engineering and other STEM subjects in schools is not proportional to the number of relevant jobs for today's youth to grow into, especially not for girls. This panel will discuss helping young people into tech careers, how to get support outside of academia and the experiences of how our panellists built their careers in tech industries.

    • Exploring the sideways moves into tech, encouraging individuals from a non-technical background to explore reskilling in tech and raising awareness of tech as a second career.

    • Highlighting the varied routes into tech and discussing how others could follow in their footsteps

    • Panel on how to get into tech, discussing the different routes available. The UK has identified that it is moving toward a digital skills shortage, developing these skills opens up access to many different careers, from designing games to sending satellites into space.

    • How creative subjects and high tech are combining to further the gaming industry. A discussion on the past, present and future of games

    • AND Digital delivers this workshop on adapting to remote working, connecting well distributed tech professionals and showcases some of the team bonding exercises they used during the sudden shift to remote working.

    • Space Technology has developed at a rapid rate. This has allowed progression far beyond what we thought was possible. In this panel we will talk about the exciting technologies that are being worked on in space tech, and explore how the panellists got to where they are today

    • MoFHS is a product in development by the Institute for Ethical A.I that takes the complexity out of integrating new software technologies.

    • Exploring current national trends and explore how these are being experienced in real life through the lens of local scale-up with TechNation and Upscale alumni Vitaccess.

    • Highlighted Oxfordshire businesses present their initiatives in using Tech for Good

    • Artificial Intelligence: The need to ensure that AI is responsible and ethical when implementing it in new ventures to lead to better business outcomes

    • How do you bring new starters into your work culture when working remotely? What is the cost/benefit ratio of hybrid working? Tips and tricks for managing a hybrid workforce.

    • Announcing the winner of the Tech for Impact Award

    • Neurodiversity remains an overlooked issue in employment, this extends to the tech industry. However, a growing number of companies are recognising that employees who think differently provide them with a competitive advantage. This panel will provide an open discussion on the benefits of neurodiversity and the strengths these employees bring.

    • Exploring the new focus on Net-Zero and sustainability in tech investment.

    • How can digital twins benefit your business? A digital twin is a virtual representation that provides a real-time digital version of a real-life process. This allows engineers and operators to understand how the products are performing, and how they will perform over time.

    • Exploring the interplay between autonomous vehicles technology and broad discussions in the artificial intelligence community around trustworthiness. Where autonomous vehicles are right now, how the technology is being commercialised and reducing the cost of autonomous vehicles.

    • The fundamentals of strategic partnerships - Gaining endorsement, demonstrating commercial viability, and becoming an industry leader.

    Our Speakers

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    Grand Conference Hall - 881 7th Ave New York, NY

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